Many times, when you try to fix a network config, you need to test the actual settings from another place, from a different network - for example DNS propagation, internet speed, IPv6 connectivity and many others. In that case, you'll either need another computer that is in another country (for example if you have a friend abroad), or the other option is a VPS with VPN. Both of these options costs money. Is there any other alternative ?

Here's a solution for you - the free web based proxy - it will not only serve for the purpose of network tests, it will also protect your identity and will hide your real IP from network thiefts, preventing them to use your credit card and other personal details directly. It also supports flash video, so websites with streaming media will work without problem. For your maximum protection, the website supports SSL encryption to prevent stealing your information. ACCESS THE SSL VERSION HERE: SSL surf

The principal of working of the web proxy is very simple: when you enter a the url address of the website that you would like to visit, our script connects to it and fetch the content. After that the content is sent back to you, as if you were downloading it from our website, and not from the website that you're visiting. After you receive the data, the temporaty files are deleted.

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